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Personal Injury

Our firm represents individuals involved in controversies alleging a wrong or damage to another's person, rights, reputation, or property resulting from events or activities such as automobile accidents, defective products, infliction of emotional distress, intentional misconduct, and negligence.

What is a personal Injury Attorney?

Personal injury attorneys specialize in helping clients who have suffered a physical, emotional, or mental harm and believe that another party may be responsible for that injury.

An injury attorney (also called a personal injury attorney) focuses on legal disputes involving negligence and damages. Negligence can be a very broadly defined concept, but in general negligence occurs whenever a person or company fails to perform in a safe manner and causes an injury or damage. Negligence can be direct, in the case of a reckless driver, or indirect, as in a store manager not ordering an employee to clean a spill. An injury attorney gathers the facts surrounding the injury from the client and determines every party who may be at fault for the negligence.

For example,

Jeff is a regular customer of a local restaurant. One day, as Jeff walks into the restaurant; he tripped over a loose corner of a rug and shattered his pelvis. The restaurant manager called an ambulance and Jeff was admitted to the hospital for treatment. He would spend another three days in traction at the hospital and three weeks in recovery at home. Because Jeff feels the restaurant was at fault for the accident, he may contact a local personal injury attorney to find out his legal options.

Jeff's injury attorney will investigate the accident site and discuss the situation with potential witnesses, including any video footage available. He may discuss how to pursue a potential settlement with the restaurant owner's liability insurance company which would attempt to satisfy Jeff's medical needs, lost wages, pain and suffering, pecuniary loss, etc.. An injury attorney may also file an official lawsuit with the court, naming the restaurant owner, the carpet manufacturer or the employee who failed to report the loose carpet as defendants.

If Jeff decides not to accept the out-of-court settlement offer, then the injury attorney will prepare for a court date. After demonstrating how the restaurant manager knew about the dangerous floor or how a poor adhesive caused the carpet to loosen, the injury attorney may convince a jury to award damages above and beyond Jeff's actual medical and wage bills. If a judge and jury agree that the restaurant or individual needs to be punished financially for their negligence, 'punitive' damages may also be awarded; this is why many personal injury attorneys initially sue for millions of dollars.

Some other situations that may result in consulting a Personal Injury Attorney include,


Dog bite injuries affect approximately 4.7 million people in the United States annually. Of this population, about 800,000 dog bite victims require medical treatment each year.

Most dog bite victims are children, as it is the second leading cause of injury to minors.
Dog bite attacks account for one out of three homeowner's liability insurance claims, which translates into more than one billion dollars in pay-outs annually.

Dog bite claims fall under the umbrella of personal injury law, where an injured party has the legal right to seek compensation for injuries caused by another party's actions or negligence.


As simple as they may seem, a slip or fall can be very dangerous and will need representation by a slip and fall attorney. This area of personal injury witnesses thousands of injuries and slips and fall lawsuits every year in the United States.



In the case of a death within a family, surviving family members can recover damages through wrongful death laws & litigation.

(Although many personal injury cases only involve minor injuries, you may still be entitled to substantial monetary damages. Medical expenses, no matter how small they are, including hospital expenses, medications, personal therapy can be recovered. In addition, in cases of extreme negligence, punitive damages can be recovered to ensure that the conduct is not repeated in the future).