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If you work in construction, you face many hazards and dangers each day as part of your job. Unfortunately, even if you exercise caution, there are many kinds of accidents that can regularly occur on construction sites due to third-party negligence. If this is the case, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Some accidents happen more often than others, due to the nature of the work. Below are some of the most common types of construction site accidents.

1. Height-Related Accidents

Accidents such as falls from heights or ladders, being struck by falling objects, and scaffold collapses can result in traumatic injuries or fatality. According to statistics, 42% of construction site fatalities involved falls.

Many of these accidents can be prevented if proper safety devices are provided to workers. Known as the “Scaffold Law,” New York Labor Law § 240 was designed to protect those who work on construction sites from height-related accidents and specifies certain safety gear and devices that must be provided to workers. If a responsible third-party fails to provide such protection, they may be held liable for your height-related accident injuries.

2. Demolition Accidents

Demolition frequently occurs on construction sites and often involves using explosives which can place workers in imminent danger. Although demolition accidents are sometimes unavoidable, construction workers should be provided with safety equipment and proper training to lessen the risk of hazards. Depending on the circumstances, demolition injuries can include burns, lacerations, traumatic brain injury, broken bones, paralysis and fatality.    

3. Trip and Falls/ Slip and Falls

According to OSHA, trip and falls and slip and falls are among the most common causes of injury on construction sites. Debris, defects, and holes in flooring, unsafe or broken stairs, poor lighting, and grease or oil on floors are all factors that can contribute to injury. These kinds of conditions can cause broken legs, sprained ankles, soft tissue injuries, lacerations, traumatic brain injury and even paralysis or death in extreme cases.     

4. Fires & Explosions

There are numerous conditions on construction sites that can lead to fires or explosions. Chemical and gas leaks, equipment malfunctions, electrical issues, and improper handling of flammable materials can result in accidents. Fire and explosion accidents on construction sites can cause injuries such as first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree burns as well as disfigurement, illnesses related to smoke inhalation, lung problems, and death. Depending on the facts and circumstances that led to the fire or explosion, liability may fall on a manufacturer of materials in addition to a sub-contractor, engineer, or another responsible party.    

5. Crane & Forklift Accidents

Cranes and forklifts are regularly used on construction sites and require special training to operate. These pieces of machinery can hold and carry loads weighing tons and must be operated with extreme caution. However, no matter how much care is used, lack of training, machinery defects, and equipment failures can cause horrific crane or forklift accidents that result in severe injuries or fatality. 

Compensation for Construction Site Accidents

If you have suffered injuries related to a construction site accident, it can have devastating effects on your life – emotionally, physically, and financially. If a third-party’s negligence caused the injury, a construction site accident victim may be entitled to compensation for unreimbursed medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, emotional distress, and punitive damages in some cases. If a loved one was lost in a construction site accident, the estate of the deceased may be entitled to commence a wrongful death action.    

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

It is important to contact a personal injury attorney immediately following a construction site accident as there are strict statutes of limitation that begin running from the day of the accident. A personal injury attorney experienced in handling construction site injuries can advise you of your legal rights and remedies and help obtain you the compensation you deserve.

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