Pros and Cons of DIY Estate Planning

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Everyone should have arrangements made for what happens with their estate upon their death. It is probably good enough for some people to go the do-it-yourself (DIY) route with estate planning and use a web-based product. For others (most), hiring an experienced attorney is the smart choice. If you can’t decide if DIY is the right choice for you, weigh the following pros and cons as you come to your decision. 

Pros of DIY include lower cost and quick turnaround. You simply have to buy the software or pay the Web site fee and fill in the blanks as you go through the form. The costs are generally less than it would be to hire an attorney. At the end of the process, you’ve got documents. 

Cons of DIY include less details, no guidance, and more mistakes. DIY products are generally pretty simple. They are not a good option for complex inheritance situations or large estates. For those who aren’t exactly sure what they want, a DIY product will not help to provide answers. 

If you have a modest estate and no minor children, DIY is an acceptable option, better than no estate planning at all. Otherwise, it is well worth a little extra time and a slightly higher cost to use an experienced attorney who can help you to understand exactly what you must do to make sure your wishes are made clear. 

If you are one of the 64% of Americans without a will and are ready to take the first step in planning your estate, contact our office to schedule a consultation. If you have already taken that first step but would like to go over what you have with us, we can do that too.