Someone is Watching You – Service Workers Protected Under Labor Laws

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It’s not paranoia if there really is someone watching you. If you are involved in a workers’ compensation or a personal injury case involving an insurance company, they really might be watching. 

It is a surprisingly common practice for insurance companies to hire private investigators to gather evidence that claimants are faking or exaggerating their injuries. They will follow the claimant, taking photos, video, and audio, hoping to find a moment that proves the injury isn’t as bad as reported. Any damaging evidence the private investigator gathers can be used in court. For example, if someone files a workers’ compensation claim because of a lower back injury, the private investigator will try to capture evidence of that person lifting something that they should not be able to lift with that injury. If you think this type of surveillance is illegal, you are mistaken. Photographing, taking video, and recording audio of someone in public is legal. In the privacy of your own home, you are protected, but once you step out that door and into the public sphere you must assume the cameras are rolling. 

It’s not just the real world where you need to worry about surveillance. Online snooping is a regular occurrence and any relevant information found can be used in court. That is why you must be extra careful about what you post on social media when involved in an injury case.