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Q: On a saucer that was attached to a snowmobile, I was riding one moon-lit night.  Headlamps were blazing.  Along came another snowmobile being driven too fast.  It passed too close.  I guess the driver did not see me.  I was terribly injured.

A: People should know that it is a serious violation of law to tow someone behind a snowmobile.  This is an awful example of what happens when the law is violated.

But returning to the subject of your injuries, the driver of snowmobile #2 was just like the operator of any other motor vehicle: bound to see what might have been seen by the proper use of his or her senses.

Was driver #2 driving in a manner that unreasonably increased the risk of injury?  In this case, we would gather the appropriate information in order to take the position yes – based upon the respective speeds, angles of approach, proximity and sight distances.

This law firm would tell the court: even if the conduct of your party left something to be desired, you did not consent to conduct that, so tragically, was reckless, intentional and grossly negligent.

By: Scott Baron,
Attorney at Law Advertorial

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