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New York police brutality attorney

Protecting victims of too much force

Nowadays, news reports about police officers who use excessive force are, sadly, all too common. Police brutality can occur when officers use more force than the law allows to control a situation involving citizens or inmates. This is a violation of the victim’s civil rights.

Many recent incidents have involved law enforcement officials who harmed law-abiding, unarmed citizens with tasers, pepper spray, or choke holds. Unfortunately, these officers have even shot to death people who weren’t attacking them.

When police officers, whom we’re supposed to trust, prey upon people’s fears of being stopped or questioned and engage in misconduct, like any wrongdoers, we must hold them accountable.

Scott Baron & Associates, P.C. has extensive experience handling numerous personal injury cases, including harmful acts of police brutality. We’re dedicated to fighting for the rights of victims of overly aggressive tactics. If you think you have a police brutality case, call (866) WAS HURT or contact us online today.

The types of excessive force and police brutality cases we handle include:

  • Excessive force
  • High-speed police car chases
  • Taser injuries
  • False arrest or imprisonment
  • Mental and emotional abuse
  • Beating during interrogation
  • Wrongful shootings
  • Improper policing activities, including “stop and frisk” techniques
  • Illegal search and seizure

Other aspects of police misconduct include racial profiling and forms of bodily harm such as sexual assault. Whether you’ve been a victim of these or other law enforcement attacks, we will use the most effective legal strategies necessary to help win your case by settlement or jury verdict.


Do I Have a Police Brutality Claim?

Victims of police brutality have the right to fight back legally and file a claim for compensation. The amount you may be entitled to depends on your situation. Some of the damages you can claim include:

Medical expenses
Mental and emotional suffering
Lost wages
Wrongful death

The courts tend to view the standards of police conduct differently, presuming that the officers were justified in their actions. Their responsibility not to harm others is harder to prove because of the dangerous nature of their jobs.
When law enforcement fails to meet its duty to protect and respect citizens while they value their lives – when they violate your basic human rights – Scott Baron & Associates is ready. We’ll work with you to fight for your rights and to pursue the money you deserve by settlement or jury verdict. We’ll negotiate fearlessly and tirelessly on your behalf against the police department and any municipal authorities to reach a successful outcome.
Even if you have not suffered a serious physical injury, you may have a strong civil rights case.
If you or someone you love has suffered injuries from police brutality, call (866) WAS-HURT or contact us online today for a free consultation.
You have a short time window to file a claim against a federal or city government. The sooner you call, the higher your chances of getting full compensation.

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