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“I would highly recommend this firm to anyone. I was always kept well informed, and they communicated all actions and the status of the case at all times. They are very open and honest.”

Derrick D.

“Thank you for all you guys have done for my family and I thank you for making things run smoothly. Thank you!”

Stephane S.

“Scott, you and your team are extremely efficient and easy to work with. You made a horrible situation much better with your caring and professional manner. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone who is in need. Thanks again.”

Patricia O.

“Great lawyers and friendly staff. Very efficient and quick. I would definitely deal with them again.”

Shane S.

“Thank God for Wendis Pena! She made a world of difference. She works incredibly hard and does an extremely good job at what she does. Thanks, Ms. Pena!”

Sean P.

“Even with the ups and downs, the firm came through with an acceptable settlement. No issues, no problems, extremely satisfied.”

Harlan F.

“My experience was great, the people at the firm were very helpful and handled my case perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for a better law firm to handle my case. Thank you.”

Robert O.

“In my experience with the firm, they have been very helpful and have your best interests at heart. They will fight for your benefit.”

Kerrie H.

“Extremely satisfied with their service.”

Eddie T.

“I’m happy with the assistance for my case. Thank you very much!”

Buena B.

“Elliot is a great trial lawyer. Scott Baron Law Firm did a great job. If I ever need a lawyer again, I would come back to this firm. Thank you.

Richard M.

Extremely satisfied. Extremely likely to recommend. I think it was good. I am very happy!

Thomisena C.

“Excellent experience, great work, very professional.”

Jamie B-D.

“Thank you so very much, very happy with the settlement. :)”

David D.

Second time doing a case through Scott Baron and Associates and I must say I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Mario N.

I am beyond grateful that you guys were able to settle as quick as you did. The whole procedure was smooth and effective. I also enjoyed the physical therapy office that you referred me to. Though the pain may remain, I am pleased that I was able to receive some form of compensation. I will definitely recommend this office to others! Thank you all for everything.

Vyanna T.

“It was a good feeling experience to have Josephine and Jim work me on my bad experience. They were very supportive always available for my phone calls and reassured me when I was upset.”

Nancy C.

Many thanks to SBA for taking my case and fighting for me. SBA always made me feel like family and Rafaela was always very nice. Thank you.

Olga G.

“Overrall this has been a nice and easy experience thank you so much.”

Kaderia H.

It has been a pleasure working with Scott Baron & Associates. They have made the process as quick and painless as possible. They were always available and capable of answering any questions or doubts and I am extremely grateful.

Sofia H.

“Scott Baron firm is wonderful. I would highly recommend them. I am so glad we to them. Andrea is the greatest and Alex too.”

Jacqueline E.

I have been dealing with this law-firm for a couple of years. The staff is warm and pleasant. They make you feel comfortable. The lawyers here are great, they really fight for the settlements you may not get what you wanted but you will be pleased.

Ulett L.

They are the best outstanding people I ever met I wish them a many great years to come because the way I was treated I felt like they were family. They were always kind and I always felt comfortable dealing with the firm. I would not go to anybody else if I had another case. These guys would come first always, they work hard for you and know how to treat you and really try to help you in any way they can. They are the best legal people I ever met in my life and would use them again if I had too and I will send family and friends and anybody I know that needs help with the law I will send them here.

San N.

Thank you to all of the staff here at Scott Baron & Associates, from the day I walked in, there has been nothing but transparency and helping hands at every term of this incident. I truly do appreciate every minute that was spent on this and everyone involved. Looking forward to keeping the firm close if ever need be. Peace and blessings. Thanks Scott, Sincerely, David J.

David J.

“Tremendous help from start to finish. Everyone was great throughout the whole process.”

Alim T-W.

“Very great experience.”

Pamela B.

Also, everyone was and is nice and friendly. If I had questions I would call and I always got someone who would address my needs and questions. Overall this firm did a great job and making me feel secure about my case and that my needs were being met. I just wish I had more money to work with for the suffering I endured throughout the past 5-6 years, but I know Scott Baron and associates got me the best they could.

Shane S.

Everyone involved in the case has been very knowledgeable, caring, concerned and kind. They answered all questions and concerns in a timely manner. They were patient and understanding even when I was getting impatient and wanted to get it all over with. Thank you everyone!

Susan M.

“Mr. Baron, I am one of your neighbors. I have heard about you and your firm for years and I personally want to express my deepest gratitude for your service and dedication to my case. I could not have had a more caring law firm.I want to thank you and your staff for rendering your professional experience and making me comfortable through this ordeal.”

Sheik M.

Margie always made sure to answer my e-mails in a very professional manner. I was informed of what was going on at all times and when I needed an answer, I had no problems getting a hold of someone who could help. Everything was great. Thank you.

Ana B.

I am very pleased with Scott Baron and associates. They went above and beyond to help me, making this process as easy as possible. I appreciate the fact that they kept me apprised of everything that was happening while the case is being handled. Everyone in the office was pleasant so I would definitely recommend Scott Baron and associates.

Charesse D.

“Overall this has been a nice and easy experience thank you so much.

Carlos E.

I want to thank you and your staff for all your help. Wonderful experience.  Great. People I will recommend and if I need an attorney again, I will definitely come back to you God bless all of you and have a safe and wonderful Labor day weekend.

Angel U.

This letter is to formally thank and express our gratitude to Scott Baron and his staff for all your efforts in this difficult transition. Thank you for being our attorney; for your interest in our case and for your belief that I was worth being your client. You and your staff have handled our case in an extremely professional manner.  Your efforts to reach a fair settlement have certainly had a positive effect on us. Your patience, guidance and legal expertise will not be forgotten.

Sincerely, Carmine I., Ralph I. & Maria B.

Carmine I.

“This is for anyone who’s looking for a good and the best law firm in NYC I recommend Scott Barron Law Firm they guaranteed to get you the money you deserve for any lawsuit they have a strong team working behind them the support and make sure they stay in contact and let you know what’s going on with your case you don’t have to contact them and ask them about your case they will contact you and tell you about your case now that’s what I’m talking about most of all you have to call them and ask him what’s going on with your case but they contact you and your keep you updated what’s going on with your case I had a great experience with them they got me more than I thought I would receive from the case and it didn’t take long to settle the case I’m happy with my offer.

Sabrina W.

Everyone was so kind and generous. They all made me feel so welcomed and comfortable. I would definitely recommend Scott Baron to anyone.

Elizabeth R.

Great Job, Well Done! Went above and beyond!

Derek R.

“Scott Baron and associates have been great with my case, they are diligent and eased me throught out all my pain and discomfort. Sba was instrumental in putting me at ease and always listened when I had a question or concern.  I would recommend them to anyone that needs help with an accident.”

Sadie B.

“Margie is the best, very helpful and kind. Thanks Margie.

Jennifer G.

Your staff are very helpful, answer my questions and assist me with my schedule.

Niede N.

“I was very satisfied with my award. Especially when the lawyer told me I was getting a little more money than expected!!!!!!”

Ralph P.

“The team at Scott Baron & Associates were great! Everyone I encountered was helpful and professional. I will definitely recommend this firm to my friends and family. In fact, I have already recommended a friend!”

Michelle G.

From the initial meeting with Rafaela, she instilled confidence and surety in me that my case would be handled by a group of individuals who truly care. My communications with Josephine were always efficient, friendly, and meant to lessen the stress that comes with this territory. She was consistently a voice that brought calm and ease to my mind. Working with Robert, Michael, Brad and Elliot was always a experience rooted in respect.
Thank you Scott for being by my side every step of the way!

Lara C.

“Scott Baron and his associates were very professional and extremely pleasant to work with. Kept me informed and answered all my questions and always called me back. They made a difficult situation much easier to deal with. Thank you for your help!”

Katherine C.

The members of this firm always made it a point to reach out. They were always very flexible with appointment times.

William M.

Everyone was always available to answer questions whenever I called. Everyone was very professional.

Jill N.

Very Happy.  God bless you Scott.  You are the best.

Paula M.

Great job from beginning to end. Very well informed. Always kept me updated with all information. Very friendly staff. Keep up the great work.

Elliot R.

Very happy with the staff and services provided to me. I would highly recommend Scott Baron.

Michele A.<br />

“Excellent. Mr. Scott Baron and his associates are very thorough in their investigation, in coming for a positive conclusion. I highly recommend this office for their efficiency and knowledge and it is my conclusion that Scott Baron, Esq. and his staff are very competent and anyone in need of an attorney should consult him.”

Martha M.

Very professional, good results.

Vincent S.G.<br />

Everyone is thorough, patient, clear, kind and a pleasure to work with. Wonderful experience start to finish!

Chantell J.

You guys are the greatest 100%.

Bevonne C.

Overall satisfied.

Shivonne M.

Thank you to Carolina and Margie for all their help and for answering all my annoying questions.

Richard H.

Very satisfied with the office employees (especially Wendy). And very good work to represent my case done by Scott Baron & Associates.

Mottie S.

Great! Knowledgeable, friendly. Wall rack to other’s hands down.

Charlene B.

I am happy with my experience with the Scott Baron Law Firm, from the moment I walked through the door you guys were very helpful. Every phone call was responded to in a timely manner as well. Thank you for helping me through this time.

Jessenia O.

I appreciate Scott Baron & Associates For all their hard work and for never giving up on my case, They made sure that I wasn’t being taken advantage of and made sure I left their office with a smiling and overwhelming face. Thank you Sincerely. Thank you very much, the experience with your firm was excellent.

Bryce W.

Excellent Service Would recommend to all friends and family.  Staff is friendly and welcoming. Attorney worked hard to ensure best outcome. I am extremely happy with the service, work and outcome.  Thanks for everything!

Lurline S.

Thank you very much, the experience with your firm was excellent.

Sadie H.

The entire office was welcoming with that alone I felt their experience and warmth was above and beyond.

Elizabeth S.

I’m grateful and thankful for Scott Baron & Associates. Their representation of me was done very well. Great Service!

Rasuwl B.

I am very happy with the firm especially Jeannella. She was welcoming, explain everything to me and made me feel very at ease. Next, I spoke with the attorney handling my case. She was very informative and knowledgeable about my case and especially the law. I had the privilege to meet Mr., Scott Baron at a recent affair and was totally overwhelmed with his presence and soft demeanor. Thank you everyone for making my experience easier to handle and to get beyond this experience. Thanks.

Evadne B.

“Great service, will recommend.”

Frank L.

I am so satisfied on how Scott Baron handling my case. I am grateful that I found them. Thank you Scott Baron for all your help and assistance. I will definitely recommend this firm to my relatives and friends.

Lorna A.

“Mr. Baron is the best lawyer that you can get. He is the best out here. If one has a case, he is your lawyer. Furthermore, he advised he will write something good in YELP.

Lee L.

These are attorneys are very good! And always pleasant!

Edward S.

Thank you very much for all your hard work. I would recommend family and friends. You guys are the best. Thank you Scott and your amazing team.

Daniel L.

Thank you for everything!! you guys did a great job on my case.

Ricardo C-P.

“Gracias por todo los tramites, se agradece infinatamente. Muchas graciaslos molestias.”

Alex S.

“The experience I’ve received at Scott Baron & Associates is absolutely phenomenal. Elliot Skydel has made my experience the best I believe I could have possibly had. The time, knowledge and experience Mr. Skydel has bestowed upon me I will cherish for time to come.”

Ashley G.

“I write this in a humble attempt to thank Scott Baron and everyone involved in this case for all their hard work. I really appreciate everything that was done on my behalf and all the patience and support given to me throughout a very difficult time in my life. Everyone I encountered at Scott Baron & Associates was incredibly knowledgeable, attentive and something you don’t always find now a days, pleasant! Every phone call was handled professionally and I was always made to feel to not hesitate with any question I had and boy did I have questions.  The settlement reached was bigger than I could have ever expected and has changed my life forever. I cannot be happier and would like to express my gratitude from the bottom of heart. I am forever grateful for what Scott Baron and his team have done for me. Hats off to Scott Baron & his team for not just a job well done but a job I know no one else could have done. Thank you to the #1 personal injury attorney in NY!”

Carlos V.

“I am very pleased with the employees at Scott Baron & Associates. There were times when things appeared so hard, but after going in the office, it felt better. They were warm, friendly and they all have good knowledge of their jobs. I would not hesitate to recommend this office to my family, friends, or anyone. If I need service in the future this is where I will come. Thanks for services well done.”

Vincent R.

“I think the Scott Baron team is friendly and nice. They do a great job to keep you informed of the appointments that you need to attend and appointments you cannot make. They understand your needs and try to address them around your situation.  Scott Baron is a gentleman and is a very sweet person he went above and beyond his responsibility in my case and I am very grateful; God bless Scott Baron and his team for doing a fantastic job on my behalf.”

Sandra M.

“I am so glad that I came to this law firm. A big thanks to everyone that was assigned to this case from the very first day to the end. They helped me to get what I deserved in my accident case. Am glad for this great compensation and am overwhelmed to see that my compensation went over and above what I expected. Thanks to everyone in this law firm Scott Baron.”

Magdalene R.<br />

“I believe and feel that Scott Baron and Associates is one of the best law firms. They treat their client/clients as family. They never get tired of answering your calls nor answering your questions and most of all they always try their best to get the most and best results for their client/clients. Thank you very much Scott Baron and Associates.”

David S.<br />

“Scott Baron and Associates made my period of stress a very easy one. They explained everything to me and I actually understood everything. I was never confused or overwhelmed by anything they asked of me. I have no bad complaints.”

Shantell N.<br />

“I was happy and satisfied with the service of Scott Baron & Associates. All my questions and concerns were answered and dealt with directly, in a timely fashion. Thank you.”

Joseph W.<br />

“Thank you to everyone for helping me along this case. Andrea is the best and Sara for your support you have given me, when I used to call crying you were always there to support me with your beautiful words of encouragement.

You guys are the Best!

I will recommend Baron to anyone 100%. Have a nice day. Thank you all.”

Maria R.<br />

“It was a pleasure working with the whole staff at Scott Baron & Associates. They are very professional and pleasant. They always answered my phone calls and every question I had. There are zero complaints about this firm. I would recommend SBA to all of my family and friends as I know they will take great care of their case. I almost don’t want my case to end because they were so great with me. 

Best attorney firm EVER!!”

Isha S.<br />

“You guys have been very thorough in explaining the process to me. I felt my concerns and feelings were taken into consideration and met with genuine respect. Where does one go when they just need answers? I feel Scott Baron & Associates did it for me during a time when I needed this.”

Elizabeth R.<br />

“The people that worked on my case were professional in all areas. I will recommend this firm to any of my friends and co-workers.”

Charles J.<br />

“From the very first day I went to the office in Howard Beach, everyone I met was very nice, helpful, knowledgeable and professional. They always kept me informed and they accommodated office visits on Saturday with Alex who is a sweetheart, Margie is also very helpful and nice, and of course Andrea, very nice and professional as well. “

Mariana C.<br />

“Me senti muy bien representad y muy satisfecha cada vez que tenia una pregunta solo llamada a Majurie; y me atendia muy amable con una buena respuesta.  Gracias por sus buenos deligencias para mi caso.”

“I am very satisfied with the representation , every time I had a question I called Mayury, she was very nice and professional always gave me a good answer. Thanks for the good work on my case.”

Mayerlin P.<br />

“I am very satisfied with the professional treatment that I got from this firm. Everyone was very professional since the day I came. They guided me step by step, always answered and returned my calls.  I am Thankful for everything they did for me.”

Byron S.<br />

“I am very satisfied with the firm everyone has a pleasant attitude.”

Kevin B.<br />

“I believe and feel that Scott Baron and Associates is one of the best law firms. They treat their client/clients as family. They never get tired of answering your calls nor answering your questions and most of all they always try their best to get the most and best results for their client/clients. Thank you very much Scott Baron and Associates.”

David S.<br />

“Everyone has been most helpful and gracious. Elliot Skydel held my hand in the waning days of the suit. I am grateful to everyone, including Cathy Farrington, who always returned my phone calls and answered my queries.”

Karen M.<br />

“Staff is always friendly and welcoming. I found everyone was very knowledgeable in their profession. Overall my experience was very easy going and stress free. Thank you all for your time and effort.”

Raymond L.<br />

“Thank you for your efforts in getting my life back on track. This means a lot to me and my son. Your team was very kind and understanding. Thanks again!”

Jenelle L.<br />

“I had a great experience with the firm. The associates were very helpful and explained all the steps and procedures I would have to take.”

Denzel J.<br />

“This was my second encounter with Scott Baron & Associates and in both cases I have no complaints at all and I thank you for good services. Looking forward to using your services again in the future. Thank you so much. Good luck.”

Osagie I.<br />

“I had a pleasant experience with your firm. Your workers are very knowledgeable and very easy to work with. I will recommend a friend or family. Thank you Margie for your help.”

Daniel L.<br />

“A great experience with all the people who works at Scott Baron.”

Felicisima V.

“I know this was a difficult case for everyone especially Margie and everyone else, especially Mr. Baron. I sincerely thank everyone for their efforts in this case. I always recommend Scott’s firm to everyone FYI top notch.”

Michael H.<br />

“Scott Baron & Associates handled my case in a most professional and expeditious manner as possible. I rate them 5-Star and would recommend them to anyone.”

Dominick D.<br />

“I just want to express my appreciation to Scott and the firm. Especially the sympathy card sent to me for the passing of mom. It really was a great gesture. Shows how some firms really do value clients.”

Edwin S.<br />

“Every time I called I was quickly attended to. They were always there for me on any question or concern. Josephine, Rafaela and Jim were always very good.”

Josefina H.<br />

“Very kind and helpful. Extremely friendly and on top of my health. Everyone is caring.”

Maria A.<br />

“Everyone that I talked to for my case was wonderful.”

Judy C.<br />

“Elliot and the entire staff were wonderful. Scott, I can’t thank you enough for fighting for my son.”

Matthew C.<br />

“Keep up the great work! You’re doing a fantastic job.”

Clee H.<br />

“Just want to say for every ounce of professionalism this office shows they also have patience and kindness. These guys actually care.”

Jose I.<br />

“I’m very happy with Scott Baron and Associates. Everyone I dealt with was wonderful!”

Patricia T.<br />

“Great workers and easy to deal with. Great experience! Highly recommended.”

Bhumendra J.<br />

“Me siento feliz por la manera en que esta oficina me ha representado y el servicio de ustedes ha sido exelente”

“I feel happy with the manner in which this office has represented me and your service has been excellent”

Melkin T.<br />

“Great job advising me to wait to settle.”

Donna J.<br />

“I am happy with the result and  the staff were all very nice.”

Maria J.<br />

“I felt Scott did what he can do. I am pleased with the outcome of the case.”

John I.<br />

“Very pleased, Thanks.”

Raymond D.<br />

“Thank you for all you did for me. I appreciate all that you guys did for my case.”

Renee V.<br />

“We are happy with the results and would recommend the firm to family and friends.”

Nafije K.<br />

“The best lawyer that works with and for you!”

Sara B.<br />

“Highly satisfied. All of my questions answered promptly. Very helpful employees. Comfortable office atmosphere.”

Barbara P.<br />

“I was completely satisfied with all members of the firm. Helpful and kept me updated on process.”

William G.<br />

“I was very satisfied. The lawyers were great.”

Madeline S.<br />

“I recommended a few people to Mr. Baron. A pleasure to work with the staff.”

George B.<br />

“Professional, courteous, good listeners, very kind lawyers, paralegals, and secretaries.”

Christopher B.<br />

“Very qualified people and friendly staff. Good Attorneys. My husband and I both used this firm and was highly satisfied.”

Joanne M.<br />

“The staff & attorneys that have met have been very helpful & understanding. I am glad to have had a wonderful experience with the Scott Baron & Associates team.”

Mits-Rain R.<br />

“I appreciate that Scott Baron went above and beyond to get me a decent settlement, couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks.”

Lisa M.<br />

“I found your service excellent, thanks for everything. You really did a good job and I would recommend you anytime. Keep up the good work.

Victor M.<br />

“Scott and Baron’s associates have been very helpful to me with my case that I had going on, I just wanna thank you so much for your help. If anything happens to me, I will be coming back for your services.”

Taevia R.<br />

“Thank you for your assistance with my case.”

Chrissy F.<br />

“It was good communication, patience and dedication to ensuring that I was comfortable and well aware of the entire process.”

Danique W.<br />

“Always love working with you guys. Professional service. Excellent work.”

Monica T.<br />

“This firm is respectable and everyone always communicated with respect. Even when I had given up on my case, they did not. I will recommend Scott Baron and Associates to anyone who asks as that is how I met them.”

Remona G.

“I think your firm is the best out there and I would tell anyone who needs a lawyer to come to you.”

Patrick C.<br />

“Thank you very much. You have an awesome firm!”

Moises L.<br />

“Nice and professional!”

Stephan G.<br />

“I am satisfied with the firm, Scott Baron & Associates, of the way they worked on my case. I would recommend family and friends to use Scott Baron & Associates as their future attorneys, because they have done an excellent job on my case.”

Errol G.<br />

“Thank you for your fast response on my case.”

Kimberly P.<br />

“Your staff is knowledgeable. Your paralegals are efficient and kept me up to date on my case.”

Sam R.<br />

“Scott Baron and Associates PC are a great team. They stood on top of things and kept me posted to all involvement with the insurance company. Scott Baron and Associates are good lawyers.”

Angell C.<br />

“Very nice, always pleasant. Answered questions with knowledge. Thank you!!”

Joretha Q.<br />

“This firm was very cooperative and respectful.”

Suzan L.<br />

“Everybody is very friendly and helpful. Thank you for all that you did for my case and me.”

Ewa G.<br />

“It was great experience. They are very helpful and great. I would recommend this firm to all my friends and relatives.”

Perpetua B.<br />

“It was my pleasure working with this firm. Very glad I got the chance. For all the help and support that was provided to me. Thank you.”

Elizabeth A.