Tumbling Trays

Q: I was working as a tractor-trailer driver for a transportation company, transporting bread products among a bakery’s facilities.  The bakery’s employees would place the bread on interlocking plastic trays, stack the trays 15-high on wheeled dollies, and load them onto our trailers.  One day, I picked up a trailer of bread.  Upon arriving at my destination, I opened the trailer door, removed the bar holding the dollies in place, and began unloading.  All of a sudden, from the rack I was pulling, several trays fell and struck me.

Trouble on the Train

Q: One morning I my way to work, I was sitting in the commuter train.  Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and a ceiling panel swung open.  It struck me on the head.  The next thing I remember is being on my knees with people all around me yelling.

Tripping on the Sidewalk

Q: In New York City, in an area of the sidewalk near a fire hydrant, my foot became caught.  I tripped and fell.  This area is a rectangular depression with an irregular asphalt surface, the size of a sidewalk flag.  In it, close to one edge, next to the curb, is this fire hydrant.  In the past, the City had repaired the hydrant, and refilled the excavation with blacktop, but the sidewalk was never really smooth after that.

Tripping in a Tree Well

Q: One day in New York City, my right foot got caught in a raised brick.  The brick was part of a curbside tree well.  I lost my balance and fell.

Trip to the Store

Q: Twenty feet from the supermarket, I tripped in the shopping center’s parking lot.  As I lay on the ground, I noticed many crevices in that area – although I cannot specifically say precisely which crevice caused me to fall.