Trim That Tree

Q: My vehicle was struck in an intersection.  The other driver entered the intersection after failing to stop at a stop sign.  He says the he could not see the stop sign.  It was obscured by a tree that was located between the sidewalk and the curb.  The tree had been planted by a home builder.

Trick or Tree

Q: Yesterday, my husband and I went to my friend’s tree farm to pick out a Christmas tree, same as always.  A storm had pounded us the previous evening, and the fields were covered by snow.  We boarded a wagon, got out and walked toward the trees.  Some trees had been cut down, so they were missing.  It turned out that some of the stumps were covered with snow.  I tripped over one, hit another stump and fractured my elbow.

Trapped in the Cab

Q: At a construction project, I was assigned to operate a diesel-powered excavator to remove a massive bulkhead constructed of timber cribbing which was built into the banks of a creek that was an inlet of the East River.  The bulkhead served to stabilize the shoreline and prevent erosion into the creek.  The job required me to excavate the below-grade timber cribbing and hoist it to higher ground, above the tidal plane.

Trap for the Unwary

Q: My daughter’s gym class was being covered by a substitute – who had taken the class outside, to a football field that is surrounded by a track.  The substitute gave the students the option of walking around the track or playing touch football.

Traffic Calming

Q: After dark, my son was riding his bicycle on a straight road running north to south, with two lanes in each direction, divided by a double yellow line.  The western side was bordered by storefronts, and the eastern side by parkland.